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Cool pt.2

"No Joe!" She shouted.

Frustrated I stopped, now what I was thinking. "Joe I told you hard and rough, I want to feel you. I want to feel your cock spearing into me. Be my master not my lover>" Angrily I smashed into her. A bruising jolt as our pubic bones collided. I pulled back until I was almost out, relaxed, letting my weight and gravity take me plunging back into her. "Oh Joe this is so good." Granny gasped as I drove into her. "Keep going I want every bit of your virile young body."

There really was no holding her back. She was assisting me with her legs. Whispering sweet nothings in my ear, telling me she loved me and I was the best Fuck she had had in years. Who else had she fucked recently, and who was the best fuck she had ever had? I wondered as I screwed her. Then I felt the warm wet jet against my pubis. Granny had peed herself again.

I pulled out. Granny began to protest. Scarcely had she uttered, "oh", than I drove my cock into her other hole. Granny had said she had three holes I was making sure she got them filled.

"Oh my god, So good. It hurts and it is so good don't stop Joe, even if I tell you to. Keep going fill me with your spunk." I carried on screwing her until I could no longer hold back. I pumped my sperm into her.

"Oh that is so good." murmured Granny softly her eyes closed she sounded as if she was dreaming, "Thank you daddy, its been so very long."

"Gran are you OK."

"Of course I am dear. I am enjoying the feeling. Your hot cum flowing around my insides. Being buggered is very special for me."

"Granny you said, Thank you daddy! Why?"

"Did I say that?"

"No matter," I said as I thrust into her.

Granny responded to this onslaught saying. "Oh yes! That is so good Joe. I feel so full and so open."

Being a gentleman I wanted to please the lady, and satisfy my own desires, so I continued pounding into her until I came again. "Oh Gran you are the best screw I have ever known." I said as my limp prick fell from her with an audible "plop" sound. A true statement Granny was fantastic compared to the girls I had known. Touch their anus got a wriggle and a sharp "NO". A gentle fuck, and a B-J like they were licking a lollipop, not at all rewarding when compared to what Granny and I had done!

"Do me a favour, lover boy?"

"Of course Gran."

"Use good Anglo-Saxon not Americanisms, say fuck not screw."

"OK Gran. And now return the favour tell me why you said daddy."

"Are you sure I said Daddy?" She asked.

There was a ring of surprise and something else in her voice. "Yes you did Granny. Why did you say that?"

"Maybe you were mistaken."

"No I am not. Are you going to tell me?"

"I expect I was confused, you know my brain, I am not always with it. Grandson, brother, daddy, grand-dad! They are all much the same. I was just confused. Now Joe darling we have had a wonderful time but right now I need a shower and my bed needs to be changed. You need a shower too."

Granny was correct both of us needed a shower. I helped Granny out of bed and we did the logical thing took a shower together. After the shower we were unselfconscious about our nakedness. I stripped Granny's bed, with a bowl of warm water a dash of disinfectant added I wiped over the waterproof mattress cover. Then I helped Granny dress, I had to find a new tube of moisturiser, making a mental note to buy more. Eventually granny was dressed, then I dressed. Together we went to the kitchen and had breakfast together.

Granny sipped her tea, "Joe this morning has made me feel twenty years younger. Sex with you is amongst the best."

"So Gran who was the best."

"That is not for you to know. A gentleman does not ask a lady about her previous lovers."

That quietened me, at least for the present but I intended to get answers.

Enjoyment always has some cost. I spent part of the morning in the utility room laundering sheets and nightwear. After lunch Granny wanted to rest. I drove into town to do some shopping. I went to the two large stores Boots and Superdrug, in each I bought the same. The moisturiser for Granny and some large tubes of the own brand lube, which is indistinguishable from branded K-Y Gel.

When I arrived home I went straight to Granny's room. She was still asleep, the television playing softly with some Australian medical soap opera. Not wanting to disturb her made a quiet exit, but not quiet enough. "Is that you Joe?"

"Yes Gran."

"If you are making yourself one I'd like a coffee. A real one not instant,"

A short while later we were both in her bedroom with mugs of coffee in our hands, she still lying on the bed while I sat beside her on the chair. Granny sniffed her mug. "Smells good, I love strong coffee. One thing I hate is that decaf stuff' It is like having sex with a vibrator, OK up to a point but fails to deliver the full experience." I gulped, Granny laughed. "I said that to your mother when she brought the muck into the house and she went crimson. Did you know my daughter is a bit of a prude, must get from my mother her grandmother because she certainly doesn't get it from me. As you know I am and always have been uninhibited about sex. Whereas your mother and her sister are quite the opposite."

It was weird talking to my grandmother about sex, to hear the language she used. What was also strange was she seemed far more with it, not so confused. "Gran can I ask you something?"

"You may." Her eyes twinkled, "That is no guarantee that I will answer."

"We never hear about Mum and Aunt Emma's father."

"No you don't do you. We weren't married, it was a secret then and maybe it should stay a secret. Anyway you are asking about my lovers again. I told you gentlemen do not ask."

"OK I'll ask a different question. Why is it today you don't appear to be at all confused."

"That sounds more like a statement of fact than a question."

"Maybe it is but now I am the one who feels confused."

"The brain is a funny thing Joe. Maybe for the last few years life has been so boring that my brain could see no reason to work. I thought I had done everything. My life seemed to be at an end I sold my practice, and found I had nothing. About four years ago I had my last fling. It ended when I overheard the man referring to me as an old biddy. One thing I was not and am not, is an OLD BIDDY. Well maybe I have been for the last four years, but no more you have reawakened the real me. Once again I am the real me - sex mad, vibrant and thinking."

All I could say was, "Wow." I was gob smacked, could sex really revitalise someone. "Gran is that all for real?"

"It certainly is. I don't know if you will be around, that is your choice, but today is the first day of the rest of my life. First thing get me your laptop I want to research Google that's the word isn't it! I want to Google incontinence and coping with it. "

"Sure I will Gran."

"And Joe promise me this, when you get bored with me you will say so to my face, then we can go our own ways, but do not ever call me an OLD BIDDY or any thing like that."

"I promise Gran and I won't be going anywhere, I won't get bored, you are too good at sex to think of you as an old biddy or anything else old."

Granny looked at my bulging groin. "Joe it is a sad fact that I am old. One consequence of age is that I get sore and right now, no matter how much I want you, I am too sore to let you fuck me or bugger me. So until tomorrow you will have to put those tubes of lube away." She smiled, "don't look so sad you can always use my mouth. If you want to, I want you to do me."

"Oh I want to." I replied.

"Well lets do it. I'm not blind I can see your cock is rousing from sleep again." Granny said with a smile.

It took little effort to kick off my jeans and shorts, swiftly followed by my T-shirt. Helping Granny undress took only a little longer. Soon once again both of us were naked. I spread Granny's legs. "No Joe! I mean it I'm too sore." Granny said pushing me away.

"No Gran I just want to look at you."

"Look all you want."

Granny was sore. Both labia looked slightly inflamed, her clitoris was obviously ready for action, standing erect. But it was her anus that drew my eyes. A visual testament of the abuse it had suffered. It still gaped wide from being opened. A dark centre a portal, surrounding this gape was her sphincter muscle, now a raised ring of many angry hues, yellow, reds ranging from flame red through yellows to a deep dark crimson; some dark lowering purple a veritable rainbow.

Unable to resist, I did something which I had never contemplated doing, an act I would have called disgusting. Impulsively I lowered my head close to her, and thrust my tongue into the gape. "Oh god Joe you do the right thing at the right moment." Granny said lifting her legs higher, improving my access, her hips writhing. Granny tasted great clean and slightly spicy, the trace of saltiness was probably the remains of my cum. "Keep going ... keep going ... please please don't stop ... please let me cum ... please ... I'm a good girl please ... please make me cum." Suddenly Granny was simultaneously peeing and cumming. Her hot piss hitting my face, I screwed my eyes tight shut. Her fingers laced into my hair holding me tight to her. It was then I heard her say again. "Oh thank you daddy." This time I said nothing.

"Did you enjoy it Gran?"

"Did you have to ask? Every moment Joe. Now I want you to fuck my mouth. I missed out on the fun last night so I want it like you did last night, although no need to rip my nightie this time.."

"OK Gran, so you were asleep on your back. I was intrigued by your nipples."

"I can understand that, they are certainly large aren't they. And they look larger because my tits are two dried up bags."

Hearing Granny talk dirty about her tits, articulating my observations made my prick twitch. "You like me talking about sex. I think it runs in the family. OK so you looked at my tits, ripped my nightie. Then what?"

"I rolled you on your side, facing me. I was here by the side of the bed. Oh yes before that I sort of fingered your mouth."

"So do it, put me as I was." I got her laid almost millimetre perfect on the bed as she had been. I began to open her mouth, I stopped. "Fucking hell!" I exclaimed.

"What now?" Granny sounded peevish.

"I forgot your teeth- you didn't have your dentures in." Granny promptly took her teeth out.

Just like when she was asleep, I used two fingers to gently open her mouth, then slowly I worked my cock into her, I was faster than when she slept pushing to get to the back of her mouth." Granny pushed me away.

"That's not the way Joe. Let me introduce you to the real deep-throat technique. I lie on the bed like this." Granny shuffled around so she was across the bed lying with her head toward me. Her head overhung the edge of the bed. "Now Joe when I put my head back and open my mouth wide open, everything will be in line, every last fraction of an inch of your cock will be in me. It is the best oral sex I promise you. When you feel me swallow push hard."

Granny did as she told me she would do. My prick slid easily into her mouth until I felt my exposed glans touch her epiglottis. I could see Granny's throat moving convulsively. Gripping Granny's head, a hand clamped on each side I rammed into her. Her head was sandwiched between me and the side of the bed. My hands relinquished my redundant grasp on her head. Now I played with her breasts. Squeezing her thick, firm rubbery nipples between my forefingers, middle fingers and thumbs, rolling them. Trying to further elongate them.

I could feel the whole head of my prick was engulfed by her throat, somewhere her epiglottis. was doing crazy things to my exposed glans. My testicles filled with cum feeling exceptionally heavy. How Granny breathed I did not know, I kept looking ready to stop and withdraw if she looked to be in distress. Granny clawed at me gesturing, I interpreted this as urging me to fuck her roughly.

Now I pulled back until half my prick was out. Then I slammed into her. My hands holding onto her tits using them like handles. I felt my scrotum collide with her nose, my pubic bone smash into her chin. I drew back and repeated the movement. When I paused she used her hands digging her fingernails into my buttocks to spur me on. Now there was no stopping. It was so stimulating that holding back was not an option, sooner than I wanted to I came. The sperm seemed to flow and flow. When the flow stopped I pulled out. Granny was smiling open mouthed, she pushed out her cum streaked tongue. "Fantastic. Thank you Joe."

"We'd better clean you up Gran," I was concerned I had fucked her mouth so violently, her nose was gushing blood, flowing down into her eyes, over her forehead and into her hair. Her lips looked bruised as did her chin.

"Joe its only a nosebleed, I've had far worse." Granny whispered.

"Gran why are you whispering?"

"Give me a drink of water." I passed her a glass of water from the bedside table.

"I'm whispering because it hurts to talk. You've bruised my voice-box."

"Oh Christ! I am sorry Gran."

"Don't be." She whispered fiercely. "I wanted it I have enjoyed every moment of that."

"I know Gran but say Auntie Emma drops by to see how you are."

"Simple I will be sleeping. Well that is what you will tell Emma, if she calls around. Personally I don't think she will, you may need her assistance, but if Emma can avoid work she will, so unless you ask her to call by she will not be here. She only lives for one thing her horses. Your mother and your auntie have never worried about what I was doing. Now Joe get a flannel and help me clean my face."

I was learning more about the family. Bowl of warm water and a flannel cleaned away the blood. "Oh my god!" I exclaimed. "You've got a black eye coming up."

"Both I expect," Granny replied. "It usually happens when I get a nose bleed its the same for everyone. Don't look so shocked lawyers learn about these things, week after week drunks in the magistrates court. Now tell me Joe did you enjoy that"

"I did, I never thought a prick could actually go down a woman's throat."

Granny smiled, "well you know different now don't you." Granny ran her hands over her body holding out and inspecting her breasts. "You certainly made a mess of my tits." She indicated the clear finger shaped bruises from my grasping them.

To be honest I was shocked I had not realised that I'd been so rough. "Sorry Gran I sort of got carried away."

"Joe never be sorry. Look you need to get this into your head. I am a perverted old lady. The rougher sex is the more bruised and bashed that I get the better I like it. Don't misinterpret my words, I like rough sex, I do enjoy being, what some people would call, being physically abused. There are fine lines, you can smack my buttocks, but I do not like being punched or slapped. I do like being used sexually and feeling that I have been used. I consent to being used without my explicit consent. This morning when I awoke and knew you had been in my mouth, I came just at the knowledge."

"What you masturbated?" I exclaimed, still shocked at Granny's unashamed sexuality.

"No I didn't have to. Just thinking about what you must have done to me set me off. I am such a slut I only have to think about sex to have an orgasm."

"I am glad you are not mad at me."

"Joe lets get some ground rules. My body is yours all three holes, my mouth, my vagina, my anus. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, within reason. Realistically you have to respect my age, if I say I am too sore or bruised then no means a temporary no in return I promise I will not feign physical problems. If you want me take me, however you want unless I start tearing. At the moment my arse feels very tender so give it a rest for a day. But if you feel an uncontrollable urge to take me there then do it. If I am asleep you can have me in my sleep.

"I can tell you are as kinky and oversexed as I am. I am your personal whore and you should use me. The only limits are the boundaries set by age. My only condition is absolute confidentiality you tell no one. No boasting to your mates, this is our secret. On that point I want your oath. Say to me you promise as long as I live you will never tell a living soul about us. And I promise the same. You see I may be a slut, but I do not want half the county knowing that I am."

"OK." I said. "Gran I do not think you are a slut."

"Oh I am a slut don't worry, that is what my father said when I got pregnant, the first time."

"Was that with Mum and Aunt Emma?"

"Oh no that was long before them. When I was young and did not know about contraception."

"So what happened did you have an abortion?"

"No I was far too advanced, everyone thought I was getting fat, Father -your Great-Grandfather called me podgy, but at six months it was obvious I was pregnant."

"So what happened to the baby?"

"I went on holiday, stayed in a convent in Belgium, the baby was adopted. I returned home able to speak better French. Within a year I was back there once again."

"Wow! Why hasn't anyone ever told me before?"

"Because it is a secret. You my dear Joe are the only living person apart from me who knows, and that is the way it must stay. Remember you have promised." She said in a tone of voice which brooked no argument. "Now I want you to say your promise word for word."

"I promised you."

"No Joe I want to hear you say the words."

"OK Gran. I promise and swear by all that is holy to me, that for as long as both of us are alive, our incestuous relationship will remain a secret. Only the death of one of us will release the other from this oath of silence."

"Very good, I like that. In fact Joe we will put it in writing and both sign it."

"Not a good idea Gran say someone else found it." I had visions of Granny getting ill or dying while I was at Uni and mum or dad finding the paper.

"I suppose you are right. It is the lawyer in me likes everything in writing. It has always worked for me."

The news she had told me about the children was milling around in my head. "So Gran you had four children, what the fathers say about the adoption?"

"Actually Joe it is five children. All five had the same father, he was in favour of adoption."

"How did it happen?"

"Sex Joe, simply sex. When I started having sex there was no information, the only available contraceptives were condoms or coitus interuptus. Both relied on the man. The only other alternatives was abstinence but I had found sex too enjoyable. So that left using my mouth and my arse, which is what we did. The only other alternative was a thing called a douche, but I did not know about that for a long time, and anyway only married women could buy them." She gave a beautific smile as a memory struck her and added, "Oh and there was always Vatican Roulette at the right time of month."

"So why did you keep Mum and Aunt Emma."

"It was different I was older, financially independent just everything was right, it was my time to have a baby. So I lied to my man about the time of month. When men are Dick-led, they cannot count!" She gave me another smile. "Of course nature extracted retribution, I wanted a baby what did I get? Twins."

"So who was the father come on Gran after all you have told me you cannot keep it quiet now?"

"Joe I told you, I am not saying and if you were a gentleman you would not ask. If you keep on I will end our relationship."

This brought the conversation to an end. Granny said she was tired and suggested I got on with my dissertation. So I returned to the dining room table, my note-books, my text books and the lap-top. While Granny snoozed or whatever. I did not look up from my work until my stomach told me that I was hungry. At times the Romans are really thrilling, and certainly Catalus tends to inspire my perverted mind.
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