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Default Easter granny ch. 02 by jon.hayworth


I had not expected to fall asleep with one hand in Granny's pussy and four fingers of the other hand stretching her anus. The camcorder bore witness to the fact that I did fall asleep for twelve minutes forty-three seconds. (when we watched the playback Granny asked me, "Were you that bored?" in what I thought of as her courtroom voice).

When I opened my eyes, I thought it had only been a prolonged blink. As if to affirm this, I tried once again to get my thumb into Granny's anus, really I was only half aware of this, until I watched the video playback. Granny cried out in pain, this I think brought me back to full consciousness.

It was obvious to me that Granny's arse could be stretched no further, not without the risk of her tearing. Slowly I started to extract my fingers from her anus, while keeping my other hand in her vagina. When my fingers were out, her arsehole did not close, there was a gape -- a dark tunnel of delight. The knowledge that I had caused, this change at the least a temporary change, maybe in time what might be a permanent change in Granny's physiognomy was exciting in itself. Intrigued or obsessed by the gape, I inserted my index finger, then added my middle finger. It was not until I was enthusiastically frigging her with three fingers that she reacted. "No ... No... please daddy no ..." Her body squirmed, eyelids fluttered, she appeared to be awakening. I stopped. Carefully but swiftly withdrew my fingers and my other hand from her pussy.

I considered what my next move should be. Should I tongue her poor tormented arsehole? The idea was certainly attractive. Looking at her distended vagina, swollen labia, and still gaping anus had caused me to develop a raging erection. None the less, a martyr to my art, my first move was to attend to the video camera, repositioning it for the best angle, I zoomed in to record the very best pictures of her distended vulva and anus.

I turned Granny onto her stomach, spread her scrawny buttocks and bowed to my self prescribed task. My hands under her belly raised her hips exposing her arsehole, allowing my tongue better access. With my palm I massaged her pubic bone while my fingers busily stimulated her clitoris and labia. Soon Granny was moaning softly in her sleep. Her hips moving.

I gently I ran my tongue around the raised bruised muscle that framed her gaping anus.. As she relaxed beneath this oral massage so her gape increased in size. Then as she became more excited her anus pulsated, hips ground and Granny still asleep sprang to life. Unable to resist for any longer, I plunged my tongue into her, tasting her spicy meatiness mingled with, the bland taste of lube, with which her nether regions were liberally coated. All the while, between orgasms there were periods of stillness, when Granny snored gently having returned to deeper sleep.

It was this gentle snoring that took my attention back to granny's parted lips, the inviting portal to her warm wet mouth. Carefully I turned her so she lay across the bed, once again on her back. This she had shown me was the best position for a deep-throat. Again I returned to the camcorder, if I was going to film us I wanted to ensure it would be the best film. Granny's head was framed centre screen with enough room around her that any movement would not loose her out of the picture. Once in I would be able to look over at the screen and using the remote zoom in -- or out!

I drew back my foreskin, I nudged her lips with my exposed glans. Granny responded like a Pavlovian dog hearing a bell, - she parted her lips. My eager prick entered her with ease, my cock-head slithering over her moist rippling tongue. Before my cock reached her epiglottis Granny was swallowing in expectation. Timing myself with her swallowing I gently thrust my rampant prick deeper into her. My bared cock-head slithering along her tongue, exploring her warm moist pussy-mouth. Her epiglottis gently massaging my glans with a muted gag-reflex. Then she swallowed allowing me access. Her throat seemed to contract gripping my cock, stimulating me to the heights of sexual delight.

I wanted Granny to enjoy this too, with my right hand I cupped her pubic bone, palming her, at the same time my fingers were able to toy with her clitoris. Granny slept but her hips writhed as she reacted to my stimulating her.

Now Granny was totally responsive. I think she remained physically asleep, but she was so stimulated that some parts of her mind were wide awake. Beneath my hand her hips bucked, her toothless gums munched gently on my cock. Once again Granny was cumming, her cum thick and oily made my fingers slither as massaged her erect clit.

As she had before when she came, Grany pissed herself a golden fountain arced from between her legs. Simultaneously my testicles tingled and tightened as the sperm boiled out swelling my cock spurting my creamy essence down her throat.

My softening partially erect cock was still in Granny's mouth when she pushed me away and spat me out. "Joe are you a sex machine?" She asked, her voice gravelly like a blues singer. I had no reply then she smiled and said, "I hope so because I like it."

"I am enjoying myself."

"So you enjoy taking me when I am asleep."

I did not know if this was a statement or a question, whichever it was where was this conversation going.

"Do I get an answer, I think I at least deserve an explanation." Once again Granny appeared to have moved into her best prosecutorial courtroom mode.

"It is a bit difficult to explain. Sex with you is great, in fact I never knew sex could be so good. But when you are asleep, like you were tonight ..."

"Drugged by my sleeping tablets you mean." Granny interjected.

"OK when you were in a deep drugged sleep like tonight, I was able to totally possess you. I could do whatever I wanted to do to you without having to consider you."

"So I am like a sex toy -- I should buy you a blow-up doll. Or am I better than a blow-up doll?"

Her eyes were twinkling and she was smiling. "Oh Gran you are far, far, better than an inanimate blow-up doll." I replied.

"Right answer." She chuckled. "So tell me what happened. What have you done to me?"

"Most of it is on video so we can watch it together."

"You can show me in a minute. I can feel you have been everywhere. My pussy feels as though it is on fire. Once again my voice-box feels battered and bruised, I know you have deep-throated me,, I know where your cock was when I wakened. Yes I look forward to seeing that on video. My arse feels like it is on fire and I am aware it is gaping. God knows what you have done to me. I only hope I am not torn."

"Your not torn." I assured her.

Together once again we stripped and remade the bed, once more I gave thanks to the gods of sex, for waterproof mattress covers. When the bed was made, we returned to bed. Lying on clean crisp sheets Granny lay in my arms as we watched the video played back from the camcorder onto the TV. We fast forwarded through some bits, like when we were both sleeping. "Were you that bored?" Granny asked.

"No just tired -- a little doze and I was rejuvenated."

"So I noticed it is no wonder I feel so tender and opened. Out of interest how many fingers?"

"Pussy or arse?" I asked.

"Oh I could see pussy took a full hand. My backside."

"Four fingers I could not get my thumb in."

"Daddy used to get his hand in my arse, but I was younger then and probably more supple. Maybe in time you will open me up -- if you want to stretch me like that."

"I love it Gran, but what about you -- do you enjoy it?"

"Do you have to ask? What did I say? Feel free to use me -- just don't tear me or cause permanent damage. I know stretched and gaped can become permanent -- that is OK! I am talking about tears, broken bones things like that. Anything else is fine. I mean I am an old lady so I probably cannot take a whipping any more."

"Gran I promise I'll take care of you."

"Easy to say Joe but those of us who play BDSM games walk a fine line. You as the dominant have to be responsible, especially if I am asleep or drugged."

"I do promise, I'll be careful. Gran one thing, will you tell me why you cry out daddy every so often?"

"Joe that is a big ask -- let me explain. If I were to tell you, I would have to tell you everything. Then you would know all the family secrets that this old lady knows."

"We have already created another secret." I replied.

"That we have!" Gran gave a half laugh. "I am not one to miss an opportunity, I'll tell you if you pleasure me."

"Of course I'll pleasure you Gran." I replied giving Gran's clitoris an extra tweak.

"Joe lay beside me, suckle on my tit. Make yourself comfortable because you must not stop, if you do stop I will stop the story. - Have we got a deal?"

"Deal." I replied lying on the right side of Granny on my left side, so I could take her right breast and nipple into my mouth. Her hard rubbery nipple tasted sweet and salty as I swirled my tongue around it.

There was ecstasy in Granny's voice when she said. "Oh yes this is so good, I have missed it for far too long. When that man called me an "old biddy" and I thought I was over the hill sexually. I thought that I could forget sex if I pretended to be doolally. But it doesn't work. It is always there. You see I have enjoyed sex all my life from adolescence onward.

"OK I need to start somewhere or this will be the disjointed memories of a senile old lady and I am not senile."

I stopped sucking took my mouth from her nipple and said. "I know your not senile Granny."

"Wrong action!" Granny roared pushing my head down onto her breast. I quickly resumed suckling. "Remember the deal. I appreciate the sentiment, but you keep sucking -- or I stop talking."

"I told you a bit about my pregnancies. How it was all arranged I went to a convent in Belgium gave birth and returned home without the baby. It started long before that. Mother had died, Daddy employed young girls as housekeepers or nannies to look after me and my brother Richard, he died in an accident."

We all knew the story of Uncle Richard, he died young. He rolled the tractor, when driving across the slope of the steep field, with a bale up high on the front loader. I suppose it made us all that bit more carefull.

"It happened when I was quite young. I had come down stairs one evening, I had already gone to bed. I thought daddy was watching television in the living room. Opening the door I saw our housekeeper stripped to the waist, her skirt rucked up around her waist. She was on her knees between my father's legs. Her head bobbing up and down. She was giving Daddy what I learned later was called a Blow-Job. Both of them seemed to be enjoying themselves. Instinctively I knew should not be seeing this. I crept away without being seen.

"A couple of days later I got Richard in the barn and told him. Then I went one step further and got him to get his cock out. Soon I was giving him a very inexpert Blow-Job. This became a regular event, Richard began reciprocating by licking my pussy in much the same inexpert manner.

"Inevitably we got caught by Daddy. He did not say a lot, but within a week I had lost my best friend, my first lover -- my brother. He was sent off to boarding school. I think boarding school is the English answer to any and all family problems.

"To be chronological, next the housekeeper left, this often happened, but this one was not replaced. Daddy made it plain I was to keep house, clean and cook.

"One night I awoke in the middle of the night. Daddy was beside my bed, he was not wearing any pyjama trousers and he had a massive erection. I don't know if he realised that I was awake. My memory of the events is quite confused. Somehow he was on the bed straddling my head. Quite gently he opened my mouth. Probably he was using one of his vet's tricks. Then his cock was in my mouth. Of course in those days I had not been trained and desensitized so my gag reflex kept fighting against him. Never the less he kept control of my head and his cock remained in my mouth for what seemed at the time like hours. Then he came. My mouth was full, I wanted to spit it out. Daddy kept hold of me head and his cock embedded in my mouth. Eventually I did as he told me and I swallowed. He massaged my throat to make me swallow all his cum, any that leaked from my lips, I had to lick up.

"That Joe is the first time, then it was every night. I expect that you are expecting me to say I hated it, I felt defiled and so on. Sorry I did not at the time and I don't now. I am a natural submissive the more that I am used in sex the better the sex is for me. My father absolutely loved taking me when I was asleep.

"Daddy trained me. I had to take bananas or candles in my mouth to desensitize my gag reflex. Now nothing makes me choke, I just swallow and down it goes, I suppose I would make a good sword swallower -- I should have thought of that when I was younger thinking about a profession!" Granny laughed. "Of course as a Veterinarian Daddy had access to drugs and often he used them on me. I lost my virginity both vagina and anal when I was asleep. The first time I was fisted he had drugged me. I awoke with him deep inside me, the pain I felt was getting his hand out."

This tale was giving me a raging erection as I imagined a young girl being fisted.

"Then I got pregnant, stupid but neither of us expected it. By the time we realised I was six months gone. So the trip to a convent in Belgium, for nearly a month I nursed the baby before she was adopted. Daddy loved my milky tits. He used to milk me every four hours.

He told me that so long as I was lactating that I would not ovulate. He claimed that milking me was merely a clinical matter to do with contraception. Of course he was lying, he loved possessing and controlling my body. Keeping me lactating was just a part of his lust for total control over me.

Often instead of sucking my breasts he would make me kneel down on all fours, put a basin under me. Then just like milking a cow, he would use his hands to express all the milk out of my tits. I have to admit I really do enjoy having my tits sucked even though nowadays they are dry.

He took everything to another level when he bought a goat milking machine, out in the little barn he custom built a 'crush', it was the height of our kinky games, when he put me in it restrained and helpless. Then he would put the cups of the milking machine on my breasts and fire-up the machine."

I was sucking Granny's nipple swirling it with my tongue as I conjured up mental images of Granny in a crush. I suppose the crush was long gone -- I thought with some regret.

"I think that is why my tits are so empty, because until your Mother and Aunt Emma were weaned at four years old my tits had been full of milk almost continuously for over fifteen years. Right Joe that feels great, time for the other side."

I gave her right tit a long kiss. Clambered off the bed walked to the other side and got back on the bed. "Gran tell me something."

"If I can I will, I think all the need for secrets has gone."

"Am I right in thinking that Mum and Aunt Emma do not know who their father is?"

"No they don't! Nor do they know about the other three children. As far as they know they are the only children I have had, and they are the unfortunate result of a one night stand."

"So how did you become a solicitor?"

"The short answer is using my brains and blackmail."

"And the long answer?" I asked knowing what her reply would be.

Her reply was exactly as I had predicted to myself. "Come on big boy start suckling my tit and I will tell you all about the long answer. Mind you once you have heard all that I have to tell you may think that I am not a very nice person. While you are sucking I want you to play with my pussy gently at first but when I say so, do it hard."

"I don't think I will think any thing bad about you, whatever you tell me."

"Just suck my tit and make me cum and cum again and again."

I think her left breast had become aroused by my sucking on the right. Or else the conversation had stimulated her arousal. Her nipple seemed to be already engorged, large and firm in the same state as the right breast, that I had already ministered to. I teased her nipple it in my mouth, gently raking it with my teeth. I had to be careful with her pussy, she squirmed -- the moment my hand touched it, she was obviously very sore. I knew I should really have respected her wishes and given her some recovery time. I moulded my hand around her pubis, my middle and index finger caressing her slick lips, gently touching Her erect clitoris.

"Oh that is good sooo very good. You know Joe you are so like my father, your grandfather. A superb tit sucker, I wish that I could lactate for you. You love being dominant taking me in my sleep. It is almost as if you are him reincarnated!"

I shivered this was a spooky idea of Gran's!

"Joe my Pussy is not made of glass let me feel you!"

"I don't want to harm you."

"Joe I told you treat me rough -- I don't get off if your gentle. Forget that I am your grandma -- I am just a kinky slut. The woman whose body you are allowed to use and abuse. Just like your grandfather did!"

"Am I really so like him?"

"I think that you are. I suppose it is because you have his DNA his genes. If my understanding of genetics is correct, I calculatethat your mother has seventy-five percent of my father's genes and DNA instead of the usual fifty-fifty between father and mother so grandparents are diluted to twenty five percent. So it is only to be expected that at least one of my grandchildren will take after his or her grandparents."

"So what about your mother, did she have a high sex drive too?" By now I was really intrigued about inherited behaviour.

"I do not know the answer to that question, I was too young to know her -- know her like that . When you are young a mother is a mother, a sort of sexless being. At the age I was when she was alive I did not know what sex was, and even when I got older I would not have thought about sex and my parents."

"Its kind of illogical is net it we are all the result of sex, but I don't think anyone associates their parents with sex. I mean I know they must have sex or they wouldn't have kids. Yet even now it is hard to imagine."

"That is what I was saying then before I was old enough to have mother daughter conversations she was gone -- she died."

"Talking about DNA and hereditary behaviour, what about Mum and Aunt Emma, both of them appear to be prim and proper?"

"I agree it is weird with that gene pool you would expect your Mother and Aunty Emma to be having sex everywhere." Gran said adding, "No matter those genes have certainly come out in you. Not just the sex drive but the sexual preferences too."

When is the story going to start? I really did not want to think about how inbred we were. Although I must admit Gran had started me thinking about Mum and Aunt Emma. I'll save those thoughts for later.

"My Daddy your Great-Grandfather and Grandfather, did not stop. Not even after two pregnancies. When I got pregnant he would curse me for being a slut and then fuck me again. It was as illogical as everything about our relationship was illogical.

"At first I was happy with this state of affairs. To others, everyone else that is, I was his unpaid housekeeper, outwardly his dutiful daughter. But behind closed doors I was both his Daddy's little girl and his sexy fuck slut. He simultaneously worshipped me as his little angel; and regarded my body as being his property and made sure that I knew it! Sometimes he would bring in a speculum from the surgery -- always a large animal sized instrument. Then he would insert it screw it open and stretch me. He said he was shaping my vagina to suit him and him alone. Just after the second child, I had barely stopped bleeding he came over to Belgium took me out of the convent for the day and back to a small Pensionne. There he got this full size equine speculum into me and opened me up, then he fisted me using two hands."
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Default pt.2

Wow and now here I was reaping the rewards of my Grandfather's abuse. Finding a speculum got added to my mental shopping list.

"It was after the second child I opened my eyes and realised I had become my father's sex slave. Not that I was totally unhappy to be his slave. At times the mere thought made my pussy turn to mush, dripping with my cum in anticipation. There was what might be called a turning point.

One evening he came home with three of his friends, they were all a bit drunk after a conference or meeting. They were all important people. One of them was the Bishop, purple shirt and dog-collar. 'There she is' said father, pointing at me, "My friends allow me to introduce my naughty daughter. She has three holes and she will take you any way you want her to.' He turned to me and said, 'Get you clothes off my friends want to see a naked fuck slut.' Father turned back to his friends as I did not move, I had never expected Daddy to treat me like this. "Come on." He said to me. "Now is not the time to act coy."

I did not move. Daddy seized me round the waist, sat on a chair dragging me down with him and put me over his knee. I felt the air on my backside and knew he had lifted my skirt, I was not wearing knickers -- he had forbidden me to wear them in the house -- he said I was to be like a battery, Ever Ready!

He slapped my bare buttocks with his hand. Hard stinging slaps, "Agree to strip for my friends and I stop."

I was angry, embarrassed, most of all I felt felt betrayed. I thought that my Daddy loved me, now it seemed that I was little more than a whore to him. The slaps got harder -- or so it seemed! Was he going to stop. I knew that Daddy was getting off on this I could feel his erection.

"Please stop Daddy. I'll do what you want." I said.

"Everything I tell you to do," said Daddy giving me a final slap which was harder than the others,

I got up from Daddy's knee and parodying what I thought a stripper might do I removed my clothes. 'My daughter the slut." Daddy declaimed, "She looks so demure, like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth; and she fucks like a rattlesnake, butter is good for lubricating her arse-hole. Peter you shall have her first. Go on girl give him a deep throat blow-job.' I did not want Daddy to beat me again so I did as he said and gave Peter, county councillor, magistrate and later Sir Peter Knight of the Garter, a deep-throat blow-job."

Granny pushed my hand down onto her pubis. "Harder Joe, I won't cum if you are too gentle."

It is difficult to strike the right balance between nice rough and abusive handling, especially when mauling an old lady in her mid seventies.

"You want me to carry on with my tale?"

I could not reply -- I had a mouth full of breast.

"OK so that night began by me doing as Daddy asked. I gave each a blow job, I allowed them to fondle me, I spread my legs so they could caress my pussy. I did not move away when my bruised bum cheeks were pinched, not even when an unlubricated finger was thrust into that tight hole. All three of them loved my tits. It really turned them-on that I was still lactating. When Daddy told me to do so, I knelt on all fours. Daddy put a bowl under me and the Bishop played milkmaid.

I refused when Daddy said I was to be screwed by each in turn, until that moment I did whatever he asked. Refusal did no good

I lifted my mouth from Granny's tit. "You refused?" I asked.

"It did no good. I think Daddy used chloroform. I can recall something of a struggle. Then the next I knew, was I was on the long oak refectory table in the dining room."

I knew the table, it was the very one I was at present using for my books, notes and lap-top.

"Joe get back to your part of the deal. Give some more attention to my nipples."

"Sorry Gran," I said as once again I latched onto her nipple.

"Oh yes that's better," Gran murmurred. "now where was I ... Ah I remember. The dining table! They were gentlemen, there was a blanket under me so I wasn't on the cold hard wood. They positioned me so that my bum was on the edge of the table. My legs were lifted up and over, I was bent like a hairpin with my ankles by my ears. I was tied, a broad strap over my belly and round the table secured my body. My legs were tied, the restraints going from my ankles to the legs at the other end of the table. I was helpless unable to move. I should have been afraid, but I wasn't. I still trusted Daddy, I knew he would look after me. Daddy and his friends used me. For the first time I was gang banged by four men. In fact they were some of the most respected men in the area. My Daddy, the vet; Sir Peter Councillor, Justice of the Peace and Knight of the Garter, William Wilder respected lawyer and most surprising of all the Bishop. My mouth, my pussy and my arsehole were all used several times.

"It was a long time ago, but I can recall it as though it was only yesterday. Daddy watched as the Bishop mounted me first, he was excited and came almost before he was in me. Which even at the time seemed to me to be a shame, because he was hung like a donkey! The lawyer William Wilder mounted next, he was able to use what he had very well. A gentleman who held back and made sure I came -- twice in fact before he came. Sir Peter sort of pushed in jerked about and came, which was not very satisfying for me. I thought he was both arrogant and useless. After that whenever I saw his wife I always thought, poor dear -- I bet she has never had an orgasm in her life. I was lying there unable to move, cum oozing out of my pussy, forming snail trails down to my arsehole.

"Daddy lubed me up and two hand fisted me -- the other three were amazed, none of them had seen a fisting before. Both the lawyer William Wilder and Sir Peter demanded Father allow them to fist me. Of course Daddy agreed, while they fisted me he throat fucked me. I was hurting, sort of drifting in and out of consciousness.

By now the Bishop had another erection, bigger and harder than the first, I thought at the time. More lube was applied, my nether regions were liberally plastered with lube, if I had not been anchored to the table by my bonds I think I would have slithered all over the table. When he entered me it was my anus. I felt as though a wedge was splitting me in two. The Bishop drove his donkey dick up my arse. I honestly felt more open than when I was fisted, even two-hand fisted. There was no stopping the Bishop, unlike the bout of premature ejaculation and a limp dick in my pussy. In my backside he was unstoppable. With unexpected energy, he was not a young man, he pounded me for over half an hour. - that was Father's timing not mine! Eventually he came and I mean came. I felt my bowels filling, it was almost as if an enema was being administered.

"The Bishop was a real bugger. A few years later we -- the firm I where I worked as a solicitor had to defend him when he was charged with buggering a choir-boy. - But that's another story."

"No sooner was the Bishop out than the Lawyer wanted to sample the same place. I was so stretched by the Bishop's big dick that I barely felt William Wilder push his smaller dick in to me. As William humped my arse. Sir Peter took my Father's place, he knelt on the table and pushed his rampant cock into my mouth. All four of them seemed to be insatiable, through-out the night either my pussy, my arse or my mouth was filled.

"Despite that in the morning I felt great. I was sore I hurt. I knew that I should have felt outraged as a rape victim, but I felt good. I knew I'd experienced multiple orgasms and I felt no guilt. How could feel guilt when I'd been forced? It was a glorious state to be in.

"That morning - the morning after! I had time to think. I realised if I did not do something I would be Daddy's sex toy with no prospects. Wanted a profession -- at that time I realised the only profession beckoning was -- the so called oldest profession.

I wanted more out of life than that. I did not want to be a Veterinarian like Daddy or a vet nurse. Thinking about a career I decided I wanted to become a lawyer. Once I had decided, the how was quite simple. That evening, after we had eaten I talked to Daddy. He objected saying there was no need -- he would always take care of me. I insisted. Then I played my ace. If he wanted our relationship to continue he would support me. If he did not support me then I might decide to go to the police, incest is a crime, rape is a crime. His three friends would not like a visit from the police even if it came to nothing. - Wives would ask questions! Congregations would ask questions! Voters would ask questions! Clients might ask questions! This is some of the blackmail I was talking about."

Only some of the blackmail, who else did she hit on? Dammit Granny is a wily old bird.

"Don't stop now Joe .... Harder ... FASTER ... RAM YOUR FINGERS IN ..... PUNCH YOUR FIST IN ..... HURT ME ... I'M CUMMING." Granny's hips gyrated as once again she came to the accompaniment of a golden shower. "Oh Joe that is so good. No don't stop. Don't clean me up, with your help I will probably cum a lot more times before I have finished telling this story." Gran kept up a non-stop running commentary as she shuddered through another orgasm.

I was surprised when she gently pushed me away, causing her nipple to come out of my mouth. "What the fuck ..."

"Joe don't worry, I want to come lots more and I sense you want to ask me questions. So we'll change position. I want you to go down the bed and fist me. I am sore already and after tonight it will be only my mouth for a few days, but it is one hell of a nice feeling for me when my pussy feels totally abused."

"Are you sure Gran?" I asked, maybe the old girl had flipped -- it didn't sound like it, I mean she was really clear but after the pounding she had taken did she really want more. "We don't want you to get too hurt."

"Too hurt! After what I have told you has happened to me in the past. No I'll be fine, maybe for a few days you will have to make do with blow-jobs. Although that should not be an imposition, as I have been told that I am something of an expert in that department."

"Gran!" I protested, "I just want to take care of you."

"I know you do Joe, and it is very sweet most of the time, but remember I am a pain slut. When it comes to sex I enjoy hurting with the usual provision of, just don't tear me or cause permanent damage."

In unison with her I said the words, "just don't tear me or cause permanent damage." That phrase -- it was becoming a mantra swirling around in my head.

Gran was on her back, knees raised and parted. As I turned my face passed close to her gaping pussy. Her labia swollen marked with deep purple bruises and somehow appearing to invite more action. On an impulse, without warning I swooped. Granny's gaping pussy was in my mouth. "Oh Joe!" I heard her exclaim, as I sucked her swollen clitoris into my mouth. Slowly I eased my head away causing my teeth to lightly rake her sensitive organ. Using my fingers I parted her labia and thrust my tongue into her pussy -- tongue fucking her. Grany was breathing faster -- nearer to coming. She grasped my hips pulling me to her. My prick was in her soft warm mouth. Then she was squirting -- I was frantically trying to swallow all her juices -- some was in my mouth -- some of the jet sprayed my face. Granny was gargling on the fluids flowing from me. Piss or cum at that moment it did not matter to either of us, this exchange of fluids was a part of the intimacy of the moment.

The mutual flow had ceased. "That was good," I said lifting my head.

"Yes very good." Said Granny, "That is the first time I have allowed a man to pee down my throat. And it was really enjoyable"

"Your the first woman to piss in my mouth."

"I expect it is a lot of firsts for you, but a first time for a jaded old slut like me is very special. Let me tell you Joe it was totally unexpected and that made it even nicer. Now my lovely hunk of a grandson, when you are fisting me, and we are both comfortable I will continue with the story." Granny gave a giggly sort of laugh -- a sort of "teeheee" which would have been more appropriate coming from a young teenager than a woman of Granny's years.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Something just struck me as funny."

"Tell me."

"At this moment I wish I hadn't laughed, this will take a lot of explaining."

"I am listening."

"I said something like, when we are both comfortable I will continue the story. Those words made me think -- Listen with Granny"

"Yes," I said.,

"Many years ago there was a program on the radio called Listen with Mother . After the introduction music, the announcer would say, "Good afternoon children are you sitting comfortably, then we will begin the story!"

"Oh yes I see it sort of awakened an old memory," I said, I didn't really get it -- sometimes her sense of humour was not like mine.

Suddenly Granny pushed my hand from her. She drew her knees higher and spread her legs. Using the fingers of both hands she grasped her slick labia and parted them. Her vagina a wet, dark red hued opening, a cave of delights. "What do you see Joe?" Granny asked.

"I see your pussy."

"Do you like what you see?"

"Of course I do."

"Of course you do," she said mimicking the exasperation in my voice. "You want to get your hand in there. Occupy my pussy! Shape it! Mould it! Make a statement of ownership. Joe you are no different to my father or all the other men I have known. All I am to you is a place to put your dick and a receptacle for your cum. No don't try to deny it. As I told you I enjoy being a man's sex toy -- being used, treated as a sex slut is what I enjoy. My father made me a woman with two cunts."


"Yes two cunts. As I said everything was negotiated a deal. At one time I had all my own teeth. This is what happened. I had Daddy and his friends by the short and curlies, but there had to be some give and take. Daddy said that I gave fantastic blow-jobs -- he and his friends agreed I was the best cock-sucker in England. Then one evening after Dinner, William, Sir Peter and the Bishop were all there, Daddy said I would be even better with a cunt mouth. At first no-one understood what he was saying. Then Daddy said imagine how much better oral would be if she had no teeth, just gums and a tongue."

My dick twitched, Grandfather had been right, oral sex with Gran and her toothless gums was fantastic.

Granny noticed my dick twitch, she smiled. "Your just like the kinky old bugger, you really enjoy screwing my gummy mouth. Mouth Cunt your Grand Father called it."

"So what happened to your teeth?"

"Your Grand Father had a friend who was a dentist. I was taken to him. First the dentist used my body, then when he had sated his desires I was put in the chair. Did you know dentists use Nitrous Oxide as an anaesthetic gas -- the other name for it is Laughing Gas. He removed every tooth in my head, all thirty-two of them. And that my boy is how I got my cunt-mouth that you enjoy so much."

I felt guilty, I could not think of the right words. It seemed so abusive, but I still enjoyed fucking her gummy mouth.

"Come on Joe fill my cunt then stretch me." All the time we were talking I'd been lusting to plunge my fingers into her. My finger shaped in an arrow-head with my thumb tucked in was pushing deeper into her pussy. The only way of describing her pussy, when she relaxed, was it is like a warm wet Lycra bag. That stretched larger than I could imagine.

"Oh yes you have got that touch. Please Joe just don't stop -- keep doing whatever it is that you are doing -- don't don't dare stop -- OH MY GOD!!!" She suddenly screamed. Clawing at my forearm trying to stuff my arm deeper into her.

"OK Gran, relax take it easy." I was frightened -- Granny was no spring chicken, how would I explain this if she had a seizure? "Calm down Gran."

I must have started to pull out. "Don't stop Joe -- please keep your hand in me."

"That scream -- you scared me."

"No need to be scared. You created the ecstasy. You are one natural little sex machine -- not so little either."

"Gran you promised."

"So I did. So once I'd told Daddy my decision I told him to call William Wilder, he was the key to my scheme for I wanted to become his Articled Clerk, that was a learner solicitor, nowadays they are called Legal Executives, personally I preferred Articled Clerk it said exactly who what you were. I had to sign Articles these bound me to William Wilder and his firm, and in turn they were bound to train me. These were the formal agreements. In our case theirs was also an informal arrangement. At least once a week William would drop by to enjoy me for the night, sometimes just the two of us, more often a threesome with Daddy and occasionally a genuine orgy. I also agreed that he would have at least a blow-job every day."

"So was that it?"

"Yes and no. You see Daddy made certain conditions that I had to agree to. First I had to agree he was still going to have me whenever he wanted, wherever he wanted. I agreed, within reason. I pointed out sometimes I would be at work and unavailable. William said he was always up for a threesome if that satisfied Daddy. Daddy said I also had to have his other friends when he wanted me to. I agreed to that."

"So all was sorted?"

"No not quite. A few things occurred. Both Daddy and William saw that I could be used to their advantage. First there was Sir Peter. Daddy desperately wanted to be the hunt's official vet. All the hounds, the huntsman's horses, but the cream would be members of the hunt who always used whoever was the hunt's official vet. To get that I had to do it with Sir Peter even though he was useless. So by striking the deal with Daddy and William I sort of became a whore. No one paid for my services, not directly with money but there was a price. A business contract, a deal -- Daddy and William gained. I gained because I was getting a profession -- I was also learning lots of secrets." Granny paused, gained my attention, locked eyes with me. "Tell me what you think Joe, was I wrong, was I a whore?"

I look back at Granny, I see a frail sweet old lady, on the other hand I know she has a bigger libido than any other woman I know. "No Gran you are not a Whore. An opportunist. Highly sexed. If it had been me I guess I'd have done the same using the situation to my own advantage."

"That is nice Joe, now after that bed-time story I think we should both sleep."

Granny slept and sated I slept. I awoke to the sun streaming through the window bathing my face in a golden glow. The bed was empty. Where was Granny? I panicked then recalled she was no where as senile as she had made out. What would Mum and Dad say when they got home.

I got out of bed and got dressed. I smelt coffee wafting up from downstairs in the kitchen. "Your up!" Granny said when I walked in. She was seated at the table a mug of coffee beside her. "The coffee's made."

When I had a coffee I joined her at the table. "Joe!" She said, "When I asked you what you thought of my actions, had I been a whore, you said if you had been me, you would have seized the opportunity and would have done as I did."

"Yes," I said.

"In the cold light of day, not in bed with me, not in the very intimate position of having your hand in my pussy -- is that still how you think?"

"Yes Gran of course it is."

"Good. So if I said to you, come and live with me, satisfy me sexually and I will leave you a house and a substantial amount of money, what would your answer be?"

"Gran you cannot you promised this place to Mum and Dad, the farm is promised to Aunt Emma. You would be breaking your promises and it would be wrong by both of us."

Granny laughed, "That is good to hear, I am glad that you are thinking ethically. But Joe I am a wealthy woman, I own other property, squirrelled away in a trust."
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Default pt.3

"So if I say yes what happens?"

"Today we go out for a drive, we take a look at Cherry Manor Lodge, that is a cottage I own -- it has nice grounds, the Manor house burnt down nearly fifty years ago. The owner, silly duffer tried to do an insurance job! I say tried! Because the fool used petrol, - even the greenest policeman was bound to smell it. He got eight years for arson, and I bought the lodge for a song. Where there is a looser there is a winner -- I won. If you like the place we will move into the lodge."

"What will mother and Aunt Emma say?"

"Nothing Joe. Until I die I hold all the aces, they live in my houses, waiting to inherit from me. If they get uppity I shall remind them which side their bread is buttered on!"

"What about me? Where will I stand when you die."

"Oh Joe!" she exclaimed, her eyes twinkling an excitement in her voice. "You really are a chip off the old block -- a true whore's question. How safe is your pay-off."

"Sorry Gran I didn't ...."

"Don't apologise -- I would have asked the same question in your shoes -- in fact I did. I made my father execute a deed of trust. We will go into my old firm and I will execute a similar Deed of Trust. It will guarantee you get everything I promise you on my death."

"That sounds good to me, and Gran it isn't only the money -- I enjoy sex with you."
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