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Old 05-28-2018, 08:47 AM
Skiller Skiller is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
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Post sexy Korean mom Vickie

I had my tits sucked by hanging them in Rick's face after he asked me to get on my hands and knees. I push my whole boob into his sucking mouth. Damn that feels good, His tongue is circling my hard nipple. His hand runs down my round fat belly until his fingers touch my Nailhead clitoris. He strokes me and I feel a little tender - "Not so hard , honey" I tell him and switch boobs. He suck that one just as hard. He has to, I am pushing it into his face. He may have trouble breathing. I tell him my arms are getting tired and we stop with that.
I took a four hour nap after church and Rick woke me - told me his mom was asleep - and he was hard. So we went threw our routine - unlike yesterday - he was very hard. His cockhead rubbed my clit for a long time - even fucking it real fast, like he was inside of me. He reached down between my spread legs and ran his finger along my pussylips, returning his wet finger to his nose and mouth. mmmm He loves my pussy smell. After fucking my clit real fast for a minute , he stops, I think he was about to cum. I reach down to my very wet pussy to take his cock and insert it into my cunt hole. Yep , there was a little bit of cum on the tip. OOoooo I am saying 'cause cum and pussy juice together are super slippery.
He drives his very hard cock to the bottom of my cunt in one stroke. AAaaahhh We both sigh. "Start slow, honey" I say. So I am getting pumped at a slow rhythm now, at a pace I can keep up with by pushing just as hard back on his dick as he is pushing into me. He is definitely hitting the bottom, and came feel it against my cervix every time. oooOO "Keep that up honey" I say. I think he fucked me like that for five minutes - he would slow it way down and stop - don't cum - go back to our rhythm, me pushing back and him inside me. Ooohh Fuck - I hear him say in a low voice and he speeds up his fuck pace and I pretty much hold still, my pussy is tingling and very warm and super wet and messy, and he hasn't even cum in me yet. He bangs my cunt and thighs so hard and fast there is an audible SLAPPING sound coming from skin on skin contact - I hope our neighbor isn't home - thin walls. How embarrassing, fucking in the middle of the afternoon with Rick's mom downstairs , hopefully still asleep .
OOOOHHH FUCK - Rick is cumming hard against my cervix and I put my hand down at my pussy and finger my clit rapidly for a few seconds - aaAAagg - I have no words - and I cum hard too - I remember the mess I made on the clean sheets yesterday - oops. Two days in a row - SHIT! I say. Rick ask me "What's wrong , hon?"
So I cupped my palm over my pussy and felt my pussy squirt on my hand and not on the bed.
I think Rick felt it run down on his balls. He must be super horny, his cock is still hard and pulls it out and orders me to suck it. "Clean it off, hon.." I don't like doing this, sucking dick, let alone one as messy as his right now.
But chatting with you, I thought dirty thoughts about our private fantasy and I can taste my pussy juice, that "low tide" and his cum "salty sweet" that covered his cock and balls, I even licked his asshole, just a little smelly, and my juices were there too. He wonder why I am so frisky. I am playing with my pussy at the same time, but he does not see this. He just stays hard. I am thinking: can I make him cum again by sucking his cock and butt? Can I cum again too?
Well it takes a while, maybe ten minutes I get close and forget what I am doing - he would start to 'flag' and I would pick up the pace and give his butthole another lick.
I was ready - he was fuckin' ready AAAaahhh
Rick shot a second load for the day right in my mouth - I hold my lips around his dick - I don't want a mess - but I cum too - aa ..ag. aaggg. I cum hard too and spit his sperm all over Rick's belly - again with the mess - FUCKING GREAT!! Who's doing the wash today - Rick!
better - sexy mom 💋💋💋
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Old 05-31-2018, 06:49 AM
brawil brawil is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
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Default Wow

There is a LOT of grammar errors and some really weird sentences.
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Old 05-31-2018, 08:21 AM
Skiller Skiller is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 43
Default Sorry about that.

Yeah, I'm aware of that. But I really didn't wanted to rewrite it entirely and the story is so nasty I just can not keep it to myself. ;-)
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god, mature, story

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